Cafe Brugge

6-17 Minamidori Tsukiji, Akita-shi

Cafebrugge's exterior is Denmark-like woody style, and the favorite jazz is flown inside. We serve the original menu adopted international recipe such as Japanese, European, Italian, and Asian.


September.23.2019 【Concert】 Bandoneon Solo

Bandoneon SOLO Kaori Okubo
start : 18:00
Ticket \2,500 (admission only exc.drink)

September.26.2019 【Concert】 Chika Toyota

Chika (Jazz Vocal)
Hiroshi Tanaka (Piano)
start : 19:00
Ticket \5,000 (inc. one drink)

September.27.2019 【Concert】 Sachiyo Nayuki

Sachiyo Nayuki (Sax)
Ryoichi Kitada (Pf)
Hiroki Sato (Ba)
Manabu Hashimoto (Dr)
Yudai Szuzuki (Tp)
start : 19:00
Ticket \4,000 (inc. one drink)

October.5.2019 【Lunch&Concert】

start : 12:00
Ticket \2,200


October.11.2019 【Concert】Hajime Takeda Jazz Piano

Hajime Takeda (Piano)
start : 19:00
Ticket \4,000 (inc. one drink)


October.14.2019 【Concert】Kaihoku

start : 19:00
Ticket \3,500 (admission only exc.drink)


October.17.2019 【Concert】Andes Music Trio

Hiroyasu Okada
Hiroyuki Akimoto
Kenichi Kuwabara
start : 19:00
Ticket \4,500 (inc. one drink)


October.18.2019 【Concert】Encounter

Wataru Hamasaki(sax)
Hidekage Hori(piano)
Hiroshi Takase(bass)
Junji Hirose (drum)
start : 19:00
Ticket \4,500 (inc.one drink)


November.2.2019 【Lunch&Concert】

start : 12:00
Ticket \2,200


November.13.2019 【Concert】Kougai no Saro

Shun Sakai(vocal)
Nobumasa Tanaka(piano)
Takashi Sugawa(Cello)
start : 19:00
Ticket \4,000 (inc. one drink)


November.23.2019 【Concert】Masami Endo

Masami Endo 
start : 19:00
Ticket \3,500 (inc. one drink)


Opening Hours (Tuesday to Saturday)

Lunch time

11:30 - 14:30

Dinner time

17:30 - 21:30


Sunday and Monday

Rental Venue

The shop space and facilities can be rented.

Please use for live gigs, welcome/farewell parties, seminars, presentations, events, or group activities.

For musical instrument players and teachars.

Grand Piano is set permanently.
Some microphones, and loudspeakers are available.
Sutable for up to around 40 persons.

Rental Fee

Shop space 7,000 Yen for the sapce.
And the minimum order is 500 Yen for the drink of each attendee.
Requirement for
free space
If the each attendee orders more than 1000 Yen food (like one light meal and one drink), then the space fee (7,000 Yen) is not be charged.
Grand piano 3,000 Yen. (should be charged additionally.)

*Piano is tuned regularly. Please ask, if you desire extra piano tuning.
*Please consult us for the preparation of the event/party.
*Three michorophones and one mixer with onbord amplifier and two loudspeakers are available without charge.

・If the party including food and drink is reserved, the fee for the space and piano is free.

・We are flexible, please feel free to contact us for the details and any your requests.

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mail: info@cafebrugge.com


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